Quarterback Vulture: A New Breed of NFL Quarterback

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A New Breed of NFL Quarterback: The Quarterback Vulture

Nobody wants to address the new direction veteran quarterbacks should, or need to take. Metamorphosing into a hovering scavenger, a quarterback vulture circles in a retirement orbit in anticipation of the sound of young quarterback’s a shredded ACL. .

A quarterback vulture is a veteran NFL quarterback whose team is moving on without him. The quarterback vulture then has a couple options depending on his situation.

  • First, a vulture quarterback under contract must gain his unconditional release from a team. Note to future quarterback vultures: a no trade clause helps.
  • Secondly, the quarterback then has the option to sign with a team that will give him the biggest paycheck.
  • Or, the quarterback could sign with a team that will give him a chance to start.
  • And finally, the quarterback could sign with a team that has a chance to win a Super Bowl.
  • Rarely, if ever, are the three conditions simultaneously met.

The goal of a quarterback vulture is to land on a Super Bowl contending team that pays him well, and has no competition at quarterback.

The Feast of a Quarterback Vulture

Like a blistering desert, the NFL preseason and first few weeks of the regular season prey upon young quarterbacks in their prime. The posterchild of young carrion meat is Sam Bradford. Injured multiple times, then Saint Louis Rams coach, Jeff Fisher, called a pseudo quarterback vulture, Brett Favre.

Now, Favre isn’t a true quarterback vulture because, when he did come out of retirement, he didn’t come to the Minnesota Vikings after an injury took out a quarterback. The Vikings simply didn’t have a better option other than Favre. Similarly, the Rams didn’t believe they had a better option than Favre after Sam Bradford’s injury.

Ironically, Bradford acted as a proxy quarterback vulture when the Philadelphia Eagles traded Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings for a couple draft picks.

Wouldn’t it have been easier for the Vikings if there were a Tony Romo or Jay Cutler sitting on the couch at home playing a little Madden and enjoying retirement?

The Quarterback Vulture Class of 2017

Jay CutlerNFL Draft Board

First and foremost, the quarterback vulture must gain his release. And, Jay Cutler is working towards that end. The Chicago Bears would love to trade Cutler, but no NFL team is biting. So, the Bears will most likely release Cutler.

Jay Cutler needs to resist the temptation to take an early offer. And the press appears to indicate he is contemplating “retirement,” in other words, quarterback vulture status.

Jay Cutler holds the best position to exercise his option as a quarterback vulture. He’s still relatively young at 33. He is a gifted athlete. And, Cutler played under six different offensive coordinators in the last eight years. He can chuck the rock for just about anyone.

Fast forward, the Dallas Cowboys release Tony Romo, quarterback vulture number two for 2017. And, Dak Prescott tears an ACL.

In steps Cutler. Now, Jerry Jones wants to win now, later, and every other time. Any NFL team is a multi-dimensional puzzle when contracts and salary cap comes into play. Jerry could scramble and try to peel a quarterback from some team like the Minnesota Vikings did last year,

Or, Jerry could pick up the phone and call Jay, who is sitting on the couch paying Madden as Jay Cutler, Dallas Cowboy quarterback.

And here is the payoff. Jay steps in, wins a Super Bowl, goes down in Dallas Cowboy history and never has to buy a meal in Dallas again.

For Jay Cutler, the payoff from winning a Super Bowl would pay bigger dividends than whatever his one year contract with the Cowboys would pay.

His title could be, ESPN analyst, Jay Cutler, former NFL quarterback, or ESPN analyst, Jay Cutler, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo also could develop into a vulture quarterback this year. First, he needs to gain his release from the Dallas Cowboys. From there, playing the same routine as Jay Cutler, he could end up throwing a Super Bowl winning touchdown to Jordy Nelson.

Keys to an Effective Quarterback Vulture

  • The vulture quarterback must gain his release.
  • Patience is another key. The quarterback needs to wait for the best opportunity. And, it doesn’t come every year. He must be comfortable with retirement.
  • Remember, a Super Bowl is the goal, not cash. With a Super Bowl win comes secondary and tertiary income revenues.


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