How the Media got Colin Kaepernick Blackballed

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Media couldn’t be a bigger thorn in Colin Kaepernick’s side

The media circus that is Colin Kaepernick is killing his career. Regardless of whether you believe Kaepernick was right or wrong in his stance, many people want to see him play.

But first I’lll talk about those who don’t want to see him play.

Later, I’ll explain the very real reason a team cannot sign Kaepernick. And it is the media’s fault.

Two camps that don’t want to play Kaepernick

The first camp that doesn’t want to see Kaepernick play

The first camp that doesn’t want to see Kaepernick play is the group of American’s who, like, Kaepernick, are exercising their constitutional right. They’re voicing their opinion that Kaepernick is infringing on a sector of American where they can escape politics.

As a matter of fact, most Americans don’t agree with Kaepernick’s protest. Upwards of 70% of Americans disagree with Kaepernick’s stance.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, that cannot be ignored by the check writers, the owners.

Coinciding with Kaepernick’s protest was a down tick in NFL viewership. This doesn’t necessarily imply causal. But speaking as a mathematician, there is a correlation. There is no denying that.

Tobacco companies used this same argument for years. They admitted there was a correlation between smoking and cancer. But that didn’t mean that smoking caused cancer.

So, if you can believe smoking doesn’t cause cancer, then Kaepernick didn’t have any effect on NFL viewership.

The second camp that doesn’t want to see Kaepernick play

Another group that doesn’t want to see Kaepernick play in the NFL are Kaepernick supporters.

Huh? How does that work?

There is a host of non NFL political hacks who support Kaepernick that realize as long as Kaepernick doesn’t have the opportunity to play, they can feel outraged.

These people are disgusting opportunists. They’d rather see Kaepernick suffer and their cause forwarded than Kaepernick get the opportunity he does, or doesn’t deserve.

Two camps that want to see Kaepernick play

Haters and real fans: The first camp that wants Kaepernick to play

Some Kaepernick haters want to see Kaepernick play. Play him. Let him fail. Then laugh.

Some analysts believe that it is Kaepernick’s play that prevents him from being signed. These are true football fans that want to discuss football and not politics. They want to see Kaepernick play. They expect him to fail. Then the issue will go away and we can then talk about football. Which won’t happen because the same political hacks will then want to talk Ezekiel Elliott and domestic violence.

The sad truth of Colin Kaepernick

The sad truth of Colin Kaepernick is that he is toxic.

Rumors have flown around of about a dozen teams signing Kaepernick.

This is why a team can’t sign Kaepernick

If Kaepernick is a success. Great. But…

As soon as a team signs Kaepernick, how do they get rid of him?

Let’s say the Raven did sign Kaepernick. And he stinks.

Now what?

Can’t cut him. The political hacks will come after you for putting Kaepernick in a position to fail just so you could get him out of the league. You, the owner, will forever be known as the owner who destroyed Kaepernick, the US Constitution, and everything that is great about America. These people are professional hacks. They have their script and they are ready to attack.

In the end, because of the political hacks supporting Colin Kaepernick, it is easier to pass on Kaepernick than to be stuck with him.

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Myles Garrett in Camp Update

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Myles Garrett in camp update

Myles Garrett was the consensus number one pick of the 2017 NFL draft. Despite the ridiculous rumor that The Cleveland Browns might select UNC quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, with the first pick.

Yes, sanity prevailed (only for one pick though-the Chicago Bears took Trubisky, a second round talent, with the second pick) and the Cleveland Browns pick Myles Garrett.

So far we are hearing the right things about Garrett in training camp

Myles Garrett wants to be the best to ever play the game.

That is easy to say, but at the end of the day you have to work at it and make it happen. At the NFL level, God’s physical blessings won’t take you all the way. And there is always another guy willing to do one more rep.

But is Myles Garrett the guy doing the one more rep?

From the sound of it. So far, it looks like Myles Garrett is the last one off the field.


I did mention God given talent didn’t I?

I don’t know when strength becomes superhuman. But I’d say that Myles Garrett is approaching superhuman strength.

A post about the number one pick

Without mentioning a controversy would be unconscionable. So we’ll stick a little controversy in here.

Evidently Myles Garrett was scene wearing Nike shoes…And he has an Adidas contract-GASP!

On the field

He seems to get swept up here. But hey, let’s pick apart everything. As a matter of fact, I don’t like the way he tied his shoes.

But here, yeah. That’s gonna work.

Best for last

He’s taking care of the fans. Who pay the money. That ends up in his bank account.

Myles Garrett update

Some, including me, were pretty hard on Garrett leading up to the draft. I was worried about his motor. I don’t know if the ghost of Cleveland Aggies past, Johnny Manziel, visited him at night and scared him. But Garrett seems to be running down a path that will take him to his goal of being the GOAT.

I’m not saying it is a sure thing. But he seems to know that he is a far way off from his goal. And, that it will take a lot of work to get there.

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Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson: the NFL’s future

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So How are Trubisky, Mahomes and Watson doing so far this season.

Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears’ GM, Ryan Pace bet the house that UNC was worth trading up to the number two pick in the draft. And that Trubisky would finally be the solid foundation at quarterback that the chicago bears have been looking for since Sid Luckman.

Not so fast, my friend. So far the biggest headline that Trubisky has put up is that Trubisky cannot get the center exchange down. In one drill he dropped three of six snaps.

This is not going to endear him to the veterans. I can’t think of many things that would destroy confidence in a rookie quarterback that him not being able to complete a task that an eight year old can reliably complete on a regular basis.

Of course, the official line is, “he’s progressing.”

But Trubisky isn’t going to start anytime soon.

Pat Mahomes, comfortably number two

Pat Mahomes was the second quarterback drafted in the 2017 NFL draft. The Kansas City Chiefs traded up from the number 27 pick in the draft to the number ten pick to secure Pat Mahomes.

Mahomes was known as the rawest and most undisciplined quarterback taken in the first round. A low floor and a high ceiling.

The second strike against Mahomes is that he is from the Big 12 conference which has put a solid successful quarterback in the NFL since it was the Big 8.

The third strike is that Mahomes came from an air-raid offense and there has been few successful air-raid quarterbacks.

But Mahomes seems to be doing well. He threw a touchdown pass in a two-minute drill. Funny thing is, Mahomes’ entire college career was a two minute drill. You’d think he’d be pretty good at it by now.

Mahomes isn’t going to start anytime soon either. As a matter of fact, Mahomes might be a little bit further from starting than Trubisky.

Deshaun Watson, the first to start

Watson was at one time considered to be the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft. Not only was he not the first pick. Watson wasn’t even the first quarterback picked. And not even the second.

Watson may have been the third quarterback picked in the draft.

But, with no better option at quarterback, the Houston Texans may have no other choice than to put Watson into the starting lineup. Good thing that he came into the NFL as the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft.

Although, most people can read the writing on the wall, that Watson will start, Watson is playing it humble. When asked, Watson says, “I’m just playing my role.”

He lies well.


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Devron Davis: UTSA CB, NFL Draft Prospect

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Devron Davis: UTSA CB, NFL draft prospect

UTSA cornerback Devron Davis might be the one that came from nowhere. The hard hitting cornerback has been mentioned as a fourth round draft choice. Watch his improvement from sophomore to junior year. It it continues, he could go in the first two days of the 2018 NFL Draft.

College: UTSA #1

Position: Cornerback

Height: 6-0

Weight: 210

40 time:

NFL Draft Board Breakdown

The 2018 NFL Draft Board

College career

Devron Davis started out as a JUCO at Merced College

As a sophomore at Merced Davis earned 2015 All-California Region II and first-team All-Golden Coast League accolades. This put Davis on the recruiting radar for some big college football programs. According to 247Sports Davis was the number 8 JUCO cornerback in 2015.

Devron Davis was one of the top JUCO players in the nation in 2015. Davis attracted offers from 46 schools. Initially Davis picked Colorado State over the likes of Alabama, Auburn. LSU, Florida, Oklahoma and Ohio State.

UTSA Football

Moving to FBS

After signing with Colorado State, Davis asked to be released from his scholarship due to his mother’s health.

Davis built a good relationship with the UTSA Roadrunners coaching staff and landed in San Antonio.  

Spring Practice 2017

2018 NFL draft potential

According to The Draft Miracle, Devron Davis has the potential for the 4th round. I think it could be higher.

Watching film from sophomore to junior year, Davis improved immensely. And as a junior at UTSA, Davis did it all, pass defense and run defense, Davis was asked to blitz, play press, off-man and various zone coverages.

Davis will smack you in the mouth

Devron Davis is not afraid to hit someone. Which is exactly what will boost his draft potential. If you are a shutdown cornerback from Alabama and you aren’t the most physical prospect, that might drop a prospect a couple slots in the first round. But a hard hitting UTSA cornerback could move up a couple rounds by showing a willingness to lay some lumber.

Potential safety?

Davis is working on his off man skills. If he shows the ability to work in space, he could end up in the NFL as a safety.

First rounders from Alabama can be specialists. But after the first round or two, a player needs to show some versatility. And with Davis’ size and his punch could get him moved up in the draft. This is how an NFL GM might look at Davis. “If he doesn’t work out at corner, we could salvage the draft pick by trying him at safety.”

Having a backup plan for a player makes NFL GMs more comfortable with a pick.

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Arden Key Takes Over Number One 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Spot

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Arden Key takes over number one 2018 NFL draft prospect spot

Arden Key is the new leader of the NFL Draft Board. Key is now the number one draft prospect on the NFL Draft Board. More on Arden Key here. Key plays the “Buck” position for LSU. It is an outside linebacker/defensive end/edge rusher hybrid.


Since the 2017 Rose Bowl, USC quarterback Sam Darnold reigned supreme over the NFL Draft Board. But his grip on the top spot has steadily dwindled. Although Darnold is still the number two prospect on the NFL Draft Board. More on Sam Darnold here and here.

Arden Key #1 2018 NFL Draft Prospect
Arden Key #1 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

Sam Darnold 2017 Rose Bowl MVP


Darnold walked off the field with a Rose Bowl performance beyond description and the MVP. If you believe in divinity, you saw it during the Rose Bowl.


With just about two minutes left in the contest, senior Michael Hutchings made a huge tackle on third down to stop the clock and give it to Sam Darnold, who put on an unprecedented show under center for the Trojans all afternoon.


Chris Ransom who posts a new NFL mock draft every week at thinks Darnold should return for the 2018 college season and come out in the 2019 NFL draft.


Sam Darnold is the consensus top prospect. He had a ton of issues with his accuracy and mechanics on tape despite completing 67 percent of his passes as a freshman redshirt. While he’s money in the red zone, and effective on third downs at times, he’d be better off returning to USC to get his degree and then declare in 2019 once he fixes his mechanics, accuracy, and has the degree. To Darnold’s defense his freshman redshirt season was lightyears better than Luck’s freshman redshirt season.

Arden Key left LSU for “personal reasons”

That has to send up red flags for any NFL GM. First of all, they don’t like secrets. Say “personal reasons” and NFL GMs will think worst case scenario, as they should. It is almost better to say that you broke up with your girlfriend and need some time away from Baton Rouge.

Advice for future NFL draft prospects

You never leave school for “personal reasons.” Just tell the truth. The truth is something NFL GMs can work with. You can leave school because you got caught messing with the coach’s daughter. NFL GMs with think at least it wasn’t worse.

The Beast

Here, just watch this clip, or this clip. Now you know why Arden Key is the new number one 2018 NFL draft prospect. You can’t coach beast. You coach technique, but what you just saw was almost beyond human.

The quarterback vs. the beast

One of the problems for Sam Darnold is that there are too many quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL draft. At one point there were seven quarterbacks in the top 32 on the NFL Draft Board. And as the luster of the Rose Bowl MVP tarnishes, scouts see that Darnold isn’t a once in a decade quarterback.


Meanwhile, enjoy this clip once again.



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