Mitch Trubisky, Did the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers Lose in the Draft to the Chicago Bears

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Did the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers Lose Mitch Trubisky to the Chicago Bears?

It’s early. Cool your jets. Don’t book your Super Bowl travel yet Chicago Bears fans. But after the first preseason week, it looks like the Chicago Bears knew what they were doing when they “stole” Mitch Trubisky from the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers.

Don’t lie, you didn’t see this coming. I sure didn’t. I predicted John Fox and Ryan Pace would be fired.

Wait one minute

Here’s a question: What what UNC head coach Larry Fedora thinking by not starting Trubisky earlier? What did Fedora see in Marquise Williams that prompted Fedora start Williams over Trubisky?

I was wrong, Fox doesn’t need to be fired. Fedora does.

Hot rookie quarterback statline preseason week 1


Player Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate
Trubisky 18 25 72 166 1 0 103.1
Mahomes 7 9 77.8 49 1 0 126.4
Watson 15 25 60 179 0 0 81.9
Kizer 11 18 61.1 184 1 0 114.1


For comparison, Matt Ryan had a league high 83.1 QBR in 2016. Yes, these guys are good.

But they weren’t facing number one defenses, or the most complex defenses in the NFL arsenal.

However, for now they look promising.

Watch the tape and see the rest of the story. Trubisky looks sensational to Bears fans who are starving for a franchise quarterback.

While the other rookie quarterbacks look impressive, Trubisky undoubtedly looks like the best quarterback of the draft so far. Relax Bear fans, that is so far.

The Cleveland Browns Mitch Trubisky flirtation

The Cleveland Browns played ESPN and the Chicago Bears.

It was almost comical how the top three ESPN NFL draft analysts got played by the Cleveland Browns. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Adam Schefter all did the Cleveland Browns bidding by spreading rumors, started by the Browns that they were going to take Trubisky with the number one pick.

Was Kizer the Browns guy all along

You don’t float these rumors to insiders unless you know you’re not going to take Trubisky. Was Notre Dame quarterback, Deshone Kizer, the Browns guy all along? Of course there are rumors to that effect.

By floating these rumors (Browns drafting Trubisky number one), you send teams, like the Chicago Bears, into a panic.

Most people thought the Bears panicked when they traded up to take Trubisky (a second round talent according to ESPN insiders).

That brings us to the 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers draft coup or whiff

The San Francisco 49ers capitalized on the Browns rumor. They drafted the guy they wanted with the number two pick, Solomon Thomas, with the third pick. And got some draft choices from the Bears for their number two pick.

Problem is, the 49er still don’t have a long term solution at quarterback. Should they have taken Trubisky with the number two pick? Only time will tell.


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