How Mitch Trubisky Could Become the First Pick

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Todd McShay: no quarterback in the first round

ESPN NFL Insider Todd McShay recently posted a 2017 NFL mock draft that showed no quarterbacks in the first round.

Meanwhile, at the same time the Cleveland Browns hinted that they might take UNC quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, with the first pick of the draft.

Desperation drives GMs to stupid draft choices

The truth is that Trubisky, actually, none of the top quarterbacks, rate a first round draft choice. But desperate teams reach.

Why would any team make such an obvious mistake? Because they didn’t manage their roster leading up to the draft. Draft day reaches come from of GM mismanagement.

The best teams draft the best player available. Usually. Why? Because they took care of business leading up to the draft. They plan out their roster years in advance.

The best teams clean up any unforeseen depth chart hole during free agency. That leaves them free to draft the best player available.

The classic example I alway bring up is the Green Bay Packers drafting Aaron Rodgers when they had Brett Favre. Also, the Niners getting Steve Young when they had Joe Montana.

Trubisky’s ascent to number 1

The Browns pick 33

We talked about desperate teams. So let’s look at teams that might want a quarterback.

Starting from the bottom assume that Trubisky rates a second round draft choice, What stops The Cleveland Browns from drafting Trubisky with the first pick of the second round, the 33rd pick? ESPN’s Todd McShay currently has the Cleveland Browns taking Trubisky with pick 33. 

New Orleans pick 32: Trubisky beaks into first round

New Orleans stopped winning a couple years ago. Drew Brees isn’t getting younger. Drafting Trubisky with the 32nd pick isn’t that much different than drafting Trubisky with the 33rd pick.

Now the Browns don’t get their quarterback.

Kansas City has a number one overall bust: pick 27

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay PackersIn 2005 the San Francisco 49ers passed on drafting Aaron Rodgers for Alex Smith with the number one overall draft pick.

Alex Smith never developed into a number one overall draft pick. And it is time for the Chiefs to move on. Mitch Trubisky appears to be the best quarterback in the draft. So, the Chiefs show interest in Trubisky.

Texans still reeling from the Osweiler free agency signing: pick 25

But the Houston Texans might think Trubisky is the only draftable quarterback. So, now they are talking Trubisky.

Cardinals pick 13

Carson_Palmer_2015The Arizona Cardinals have a semi-successful number one overall draft pick at quarterback, Carson Palmer. But Carson Palmer turned 37 in December. And developing a quarterback might take a year or two. So, they might take a look at Trubisky at 13.

Browns might have to move Trubisky to pick 12

The Browns still need a quarterback. And, they still have the number one overall pick. So spending pick 12, on what might be considered a little bit of a reach, is reasonable.

Saints convince themselves they need Trubisky at 11

The Saints were going to steal Trubisky with pick 32 just before the Browns picked at 33. So, if the Browns might take Trubisky at 12, why shouldn’t the Saints steal Trubisky at 11 just before the Browns pick at 12.

Enter the Buffalo Bills with pick 10

The Bills need a quarterback. They re-signed Tyrod Taylor. But not many people believe he’s the answer in Buffalo.

So now we have Trubisky going to the Bills with pick number 10.

The New York Jets could take Trubisky with pick 6

The Jets are currently working with a 37 year old Josh McCown as their starting quarterback. They didn’t have enough confidence in their 2016 draft quarterback Bryce Petty to give him any serious playing time last year.

The Jets are a serious contender for Trubisky with pick 6.

Jacksonville Jaguars: a surprise at 4

Just about half the mock drafts have the Jaguars taking Leonard Fournette with pick 4. That is a busted draft choice I already covered. Punchline: Fournette is the second coming of Trent Richardson.

Blake Bortles actually proved to be a benefit for the opposing teams.

I think the Jaguars should at least float the rumor that they are interested in Trubisky.

Trubisky at 1 for the Browns

The circle is complete

All this talk about Trubisky at 6 has the Browns in a funk. They don’t know what is more important, Texas A&M defensive end, Myles Garrett, or Mitch Trubisky.

Myles Garrett is considered the best player in the draft. But the Browns really need a quarterback. Besides, the Browns will still get a solid player with the number 12 pick right?

And you get, Don’t be surprised if Myles Garrett isn’t the No. 1 pick.”

Desperate Teams

There are a lot of moving parts to the Browns draft. For one thing, Hue Jackson is about to get fired. Jackson needs a winning team. He’s in for Garrett,

If the Browns draft Trubisky number 1

If the Cleveland Browns draft Mitch Trubisky number one, it just might mean Hue Jackson is on the way out.

Watch for the first pick

If the first pick is Trubisky. How will Trubisky be treated after being drafted against the head coach’s wishes?

Watch for Jackson to be pressured into playing Trubisky.

The Browns are going to have some serious conversations this coming year. And Jackson is going to be on the received end of them.

More on the draft.

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