Mike McGlinchey: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect, Notre Dame, Offensive Tackle

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Mike McGlinchey School Page:

Position: Offensive TackleNotre Dame Fighting Irish

College: Notre Dame

Height: 6-8

Weight: 310

40 Time: 5.08


NFL Draft Board Analysis:

Highest pick on the NFL Draft Board:

Mike McGlinchey starts the year as a top 10 pick for the 2018 NFL draft. At 6-7, 310 he possesses an NFL frame. He also shows the maturity NFL teams are looking to draft. McGlinchey passed on the NFL draft his junior year to improve himself.

Most likely destination from the NFL Draft Board:

Mike McGlinchey provides a solid foundation for a struggling NFL team drafting in the top 10 of the 2018 NFL draft. Every player comes with some amount of risk (the floor). But in McGlinchey’s case, the floor stands pretty high. Meanwhile, the ceiling (upside) for McGlinchey stands sufficiently tall as well. McGlinchey (offensive tackle) is the type of player that could lock down an offensive line for a full decade. This freedom allows an NFL team to look in other directions in the draft.

Comparative position ranking on the NFL Draft Board:

McGlinchey’s lock as the first offensive tackle taken in the draft is not exactly solid. There are two 2017 juniors who are made the second-team All American, Connor Williams, Texas, and Orlando Brown, Oklahoma. If they come out in the 2018 NFL draft, NFL teams will have a nice set of offensive tackles to choose from.



  • Started high school playing tight end. With exception of defensive backfield, played every position. Also, played basketball in high school.
  • First cousin of Atlanta Falcon, Matt Ryan.
  • Dedicated, you have to admire McGlinchey’s mental strength of character. On whether to come out as a junior, he stated, “It’s not going to come down to a projection for me.” McGlinchey had a five year college plan and fully intends to deliver on his five year plan. There are a lot of positives in this maturity.


  • NFL size, 6-7, 310.
  • Good first step in pass protection.
  • Can get to second level.
  • Good first punch in pass protection.
  • Can bury a defensive tackle in run blocking.
  • Feet never stop during the play.
  • Long arms can keep pass rusher off of him. Can keep himself “clean.”

Areas of Concern:

  • At 6-7, sometimes has troubles with pad level causing him to lose leverage.
  • Although feet are active, speed rushers can give him a challenge.
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