Josh Allen: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

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Josh Allen, a Journey

Understanding Josh Allen’s determined route to an FBS school makes anyone an instant fan.

Josh Allen:

School Page

Position: QuarterbackWyoming Cowboys Football

College: Wyoming

Height: 6-5

Weight: 222

40 Time: 4.65


NFL Draft Board Analysis:

The NFL Draft Board. 

Highest pick on the NFL Draft Board:

Josh Allen sits on the cusp of the top 10 in the 2018 NFL Draft Board. Granted it is early and there is a full college season between now and the 2018 NFL draft, but Allen’s frame alone (6-5, 222) will raise some interest from NFL teams picking at the top of the 2018 NFL draft.

Most likely destination from the NFL Draft Board:

The difficulties with nailing down Josh Allen and where he will likely go in the draft is there are a few variables that need ironing out. First, how is his injury healing? Josh Allen playing at a non power five conference sets the floor on Josh Allen artificially low. But, his ceiling is high. Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Steve McNair are all top tier NFL quarterbacks that came from smaller schools. The best way to put Allen is perspective is that his floor is higher than Johnny Manziel’s was. At the very least, he won’t embarrass the team and will poke along as a journeyman quarterback. And his ceiling is much higher than Johnny Manziel. Again, all he has to do is not embarrass his team.

Comparative position ranking on the NFL Draft Board:

Josh Allen is a solid number three behind two first round locks, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen. Darnold and Rosen checked all the boxes coming up through high school to play quarterback at big college programs. They’ve had their play studied and refined to come out the back end of their college experience as close to an NFL ready quarterback as possible. Josh Allen, took a different routs to college.



  • Broke right clavicle in seven places in 2015 during first Division I start against Eastern Michigan.
  • Prototype size, athleticism, and arm is how Josh Allen is usually described. Slipped through the cracks during recruiting.
  • Swam in high school

How did Wyoming Land Josh Allen

The full story.

Josh Allen played three sports in high school. He also worked on his parents farm. Playing football all year long was not in the cards. Going to college camps didn’t happen.

Allen played at Firebaugh High School, in the middle of California farm country, 150 miles to San Francisco International Airport. A college coach is going to have to need a big incentive to invest so much time to recruit a quarterback that doesn’t go to college camps and is beyond the reach of the radar.

Fresno State Didn’t Even Swing the Bat

Fresno was the only FBS team to take a look at Allen. And that is all they did. Allen played in a 7-on-7 camp at Fresno State after his senior season and gained some interest from Fresno State. Fresno State went out to the Firebaugh to meet the Allens, and invited Josh to Fresno State for an unofficial visit, and that was it. No contact after that.

But That Wasn’t the Same Josh Allen

The Josh Allen Fresno State saw was 6-2, 180. Yes, Allen grew that much his senior year and freshman year at Reedley Junior College. With no other options, Allen played for the local junior college, Reedley Junior College.

In Steps Wyoming

David Brown, Wyoming’s safety coach, and ironically, a former safety coach for Fresno State, ventured out to Reedley College to look at a another player at which time Reedley Coach, Randy Whited, indicated that Brown might want to have a looksy at his 6-5, 210 pound quarterback.

Some other colleges took a look too, 17 to be exact. Wyoming has a commit back out and offered Allen a scholarship at that point.


  • Strong arm, can throw on a rope.
  • Athletic.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Looks like Ben Roethlisberger standing in the pocket at 6-5 and chaos flying around him.

Areas of Concern:

  • Injury history.
  • Didn’t consistently play against high level competition in the Mountain West Conference.
  • His reads could be quicker.
  • Will stare down a receiver occasionally.
  • Doesn’t appear to be working a complex system.
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