The Jay Cutler Resting Bitch Face

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The Jay Cutler resting bitch face to the booth

The Jay Cutler resting bitch face moves to the booth for the 2017 NFL season. Some football fans are tuning into an NFL football game just to hear an NFL analyst for the first time.

Maybe without the resting bitch face, people can get to know the real Jay Cutler, and like Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler’s resting bitch face.

For some reason people just didn’t like Jay Cutler. Some would say that he had an RBF, Resting Bitch Face. A face that is best described with a picture.

But and RBF could be described as:

A facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous, particularly when the individual is relaxed or not particularly expressing an emotion.

That pretty much sums up the normal Jay Cutler expression. And, no, the term bitch is unisex in this case.

The concept has also been studied by computer experts, utilizing a type of facial recognition system; they found that the condition is as common in males as in females, despite the gendered word “bitch” that is used to name this concept.

Jay Cutler the enigma

An enigma is a puzzling or contradictory character.

But Cutler became an enigma because many people didn’t believe the RBF. There had to be more behind the RBF. His interviews were milk toast just the way they should. But the RBF made it appear like he was annoyed at his coaches, teammates, press, and just about anyone else.

The sports media decided they didn’t like Jay Cutler because of his RBF. They liked a smiling QB, like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Add and “aw shucks,” here and there and sports media would fawn all over the quarterback and provide excuses for off games. The sports media crucified Jay Cutler and his RBF.


The biggest example was knee-gate. The sports media paraded out examples of tougher quarterbacks and retired football players that said Cutler “quit.”

The truth is Cutler didn’t quit

Cutler injured his knee in the second quarter. Went back to the locker room before halftime. Then Cutler tried to start the third quarter.

This is the fact the crucifiers don’t like to bring up. If Cutler had truly quit, he wouldn’t have come out in the third quarter. The fact he made an attempt to play, discounts the “quitter” claim.

Didn’t matter. The sports media hounded Cutler and his RBF til the day he retired.

Now that Cutler is retired, everyone wants his story and is interviewing him.

Cutler the commentator

With Cutler moving to the booth where NFL fans will hear his voice and not see the RBF, Cutler can make a new name for himself.

But I don’t think Cutler will see it that way. Cutler will be the same person he always has been. It is just that the sports media will change its perception of Cutler. And declare that Cutler has change.

You, and I, will know it’s a lie though.

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