Jay Cutler, Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins

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Jay Cutler, Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins

Jay Cutler, Adam Gase and the Miami Dolphins have gone to Vegas and spun the wheel. And it looks like the only one who could lose is Miami’s injured quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Jay Cutler has nothing to lose


Jay Cutler has nothing to lose. His income this year just went up about $9.5 million. He is reportedly going to make up to $10 million with the Dolphins this year ($7 in base and $3 in incentives). Meanwhile, the numbers that have been floated about his contract with Fox Sports as a color commentator was less than a half million.

Even if Jay Cutler is unceremoniously booted from Miami, he will probably step back into the booth next year for about the same amount of money as he was projected to make with Fox Sports this year.

On the other hand. if Jay Cutler and Adam Gase catch lightning in a bottle, and win ten games or more, beat New England at least once, and win a playoff game, Jay Cutler could make over $20 million in 2018.

Adam Gase has nothing to lose

Adam Gase has nothing to lose.

When a head coaches franchise quarterback goes down, the entire organization and city immediately starts looking to next year. The coach is given a mulligan in most cases.

If Cutler and Gase can wrack up a half dozen wins, Miami will blame the lost season on starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill’s injury, not Gase.

But, if Gase and Cutler have a successful season, Gase becomes the quarterback whisperer of 2017, and gets some more slack.

The Miami Dolphins have nothing to lose

The Miami Dolphins have probably started looking at 2018-2020 as their next best opportunity to put a winning team together. Their hope is that Jay Cutler can win at least a half dozen games and not embarrass the franchise.

But losing a dozen games or more could work in Miami’s best interest.

With that the fans can hopefully see a bright future with a shiny new first round quarterback from the 2018 NFL draft. The 2018 NFL draft promises to be loaded with pro ready franchise quarterbacks. Having a bad 2017 season wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the Miami Dolphins.

Ryan Tannehill does have something to lose

Ryan Tannehill’s injury came at a very poor time. Contract wise, he is up against it.

Bottom line: Tannehill will lose money, or be dumped.

The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league. And Tannehill, by the end of the year will have spent the last 19 games injured for the Miami Dolphins. That is not the best way to justify your contract.

And with the number of top quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL draft, Ryan Tannehill will essentially become fish wrap. Oh, he’ll be a nice backup at some team for a 2018 rookie, but that is about it.

Ryan Tannehill’s cap hit for 2018 is about $19 million.

Meanwhile, take a look at Myles Garrett’s cap hit for 2018, about $7 million.

Garrett was the number one pick in the 2017 NFL draft. If Miami tanked, took a quarterback with the number one 2018 NFL draft pick, they’d have a bargain at quarterback of about roughly $7.4 million. You have to take into account the dead cap price of Tannehill’s contract of $4.6 million. 19 minus 7 minus 4.6 gives you a $7.4 million savings.

Fickle fate benefits the Miami Dolphins

The quarterback class of the 2018 NFL draft is the key to the Ryan Tannehill and Miami Dolphins future

If the Dolphins win with Jay Cutler, good for the Dolphins, and Adam Gase, and Jay Cutler.

If the Dolphins lose, good for Jay Cutler, he walks away with $6.5 million more than he expected to make in 2017. Gase and the Dolphins win, they gets a shiny new rookie quarterback. Tannehill loses. His contract gets cut and he is a placeholder for the shiny new quarterback.


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