James Washington: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

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James Washington

James Washington is a multi-sport athlete with superior body control. Read how high he could be drafted in the 2018 NFL draft.

College: Oklahoma StateOklahoma State Cowboys

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 6-0

Weight: 205

40 Time: 4.46


  • High School: Played offense and defense in high school. District MVP in basketball. First team All-District tennis team.
  • 2014: Led team in touchdowns (7) his freshman year.
  • 2015: Second team All-Big 12.
  • Oklahoma State quarterback, Mason Rudolph, was All-Big 12 honorable mention, behind Baker Mayfield and Pat Mahomes.


NFL Draft Board

The NFL Draft Board.

James Washington comes in as the third Wide Receiver on the NFL Draft Board. Right now the Board says he should be a mid first round draft choice.

No one can doubt James Washington’s athleticism. Basketball, tennis, and football, multi-sport athletes usually come with great balance, situational awareness and body control. Washington is no different.

James Washington can pluck the ball out of the air from any angle. He excels in the acrobatic catch.

Oklahoma State plays in the Big 12 where football games are essentially 7-on-7 drills. One thousand yards of offense isn’t unrealistic in the Big 12. Because defense is somewhat optional in the Big 12, it is hard to get a read on James Washington’s true ability compared to an SEC or Big 10 wide receiver.

I could see James Washington mysteriously dropping down the draft boards of NFL teams. Washington doesn’t posses top end speed. He is a loper down the field. Choppier steps into his cuts, and a lower center of gravity, would help him with sharper cuts in his pattern work.

But, in Washington’s defense, the Big 12 doesn’t demand that kind of execution and therefore isn’t required. While Washington appears to be a decent hand fighter, he doesn’t posses an explosive first step. Again, a lower center of gravity might help him off the line.

It is hard to place Washington on and NFL team. He doesn’t have the quickness for a slot receiver, and yet, Washington doesn’t have overpowering speed or size to play on the outside.


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