Jaleel Johnson: 2017 NFL Draft Prospect

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Jaleel Johnson

Jaleel Johnson made his presence known in college in the interior of the Iowa Hawkeye defensive line. Read if Johnson can power his way into the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.

College: Iowa #67Iowa Hawkeye Football
Position: Defensive Tackle
Height: 6-4
Weight: 310
40 Time: 5.04



  • 2015: Honorable Mention All-Big 10.
  • 2016: First Team All-Big Ten (coaches). Second Team All-Big 10 (media).
  • Wrestled in high school.
  • Made honor roll in high school.
  • Good power rusher. Gets hold of offensive lineman’s sleeve for a push-pull technique.
  • Relentless pursuer. An NFL team can fix technique problems. Desire though, as they say, is priceless.
  • One thing Jaleel Johnson might need to learn in the NFL is to play with a lower pad level. In college he could brute strength his way through a game with a high pad level. It will be a little more difficult in the NFL, against NFL linemen.
  • Nice agility for his size. And, better than average quickness.
  • Uses his hands nicely to control the blocker.

NFL Draft Board Analysis

The NFL Draft Board.

NFL Draft Board Potential

Jaleel Johnson is a late comer to the 2017 NFL Draft Board. Right now he appears on only one NFL mock draft on the NFL Draft Board. Although one of the ten mock drafts on the NFL Draft Board shows Johnson drafted in the first round, NBC Dallas also thinks an NFL team will draft him in the first round. Odds are though, that NFL teams pass on Johnson in the first round.

There is talk of the Oakland Raiders needing an interior defensive lineman, but an NFL analyst only mentioned Malik McDowell and Caleb Brantley as options for the Oakland Raiders, and did not add Jaleel Johnson to the mix in the conversation except as a possibility for the Raiders as late as the third round. So, Johnson’s draft forecasts span a wide array of options. It could be a long weekend for Jaleel Johnson waiting for the phone to ring on draft weekend.

Comparative Position Ranking on the NFL Draft Board

Jaleel Johnson ranks number four on the NFL Draft Board for defensive tackles. Johnson essentially replaced Michigan’s Chris Wormley. Oddly enough, In the Oakland Raider article, the NFL analyst didn’t mention Johnson except that he could be a possible third round option for the Raiders. 

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