Ezekiel Elliott: Quitter or Not

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Ezekiel Elliott: Quitter

Everyone has a breaking point. The question is, where is your breaking point? Can we call Ezekiel Elliott, “quitter”?

Ezekiel Elliott quitter footage

This footage clearly shows Ezekiel Elliott could have easily peeled back and become part of the play.

True character is displayed when tired, stressed, or frustrated

Ezekiel Elliott quit, but claims he was frustrated when he quit on the play. But to be a “warrior” you can never quit.

Ezekiel Elliott is not a warrior

To be a warrior, you must have a switch that cannot be turned off.

The people who come out the backside of BUD/S Hell Week are warriors.

Military academies and the Navy SEALS don’t recruit “the best,” contrary to popular belief. The military elite recruit horses.

Why is BUD/S Hell Week only five and half days? Because at the end of five and a half days the Navy has eliminated the mules

Mules will stop going when they are exhausted, and their master cannot coax them any further–stubborn as a mule. Horses on the other hand will run until they die. There is no quit in a horse. The survivors of five and a half days will also run themselves to death.

As for military academies, many candidates endure four years of tyranny because the thought of quitting is so abhorrent they could never bring themselves to consider it. 

Ezekiel Elliott quitter

Ezekiel Elliott said that the video didn’t show who he really was. And that he was only frustrated. But your true character comes out when you think noone is watching, Or when you’re tired, exhausted, or frustrated.

Ezekiel Elliott quitter forever

This play will never leave the minds of some teammates. As a “superstar” of the team, and a “leader”, Elliott needs to pour in more effort on every play than everyone else. The offensive line can never quit. If an offensive lineman quits on a play, it shows up right away. And that offensive lineman is never seen again. These offensive linemen never play on Sundays.

Quitting on a play like this is like cheating on your wife. You may never fail again. But the stain will forever be there.

Offensive linemen who are sacrificing their bodies for his glory will never forget this play.

Never quit players

Jim Brown never quit on a play. And that is what he saw in Walter Payton. Walter Payton never quit on a play. And Jim Brown admired that.

One player that took never quitting to an extreme was Dick Butkus. With second left and down my two scores Dick Butkus once called a timeout. Why? “Because I had to his that tight end one more time.”

A mindset

To make it to the NFL is exceedingly difficult. For the majority of players the only reason they are there is because they won’t quit on a play. The elite college players that are considered for the NFL are so numerous that many times the difference between who makes it or not, is who won’t quit.

Ezekiel Elliott’s statement

What Ezekiel Elliott is saying with this play is, “I’m that good at what I do, run the ball, that nothing else I do matters.”

What the other players are hearing is, “At the end of the day, I don’t care enough to put everything I have on the line.”


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