Dallas Cowboys NFL Draft 2017

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Dallas Cowboys

Mock Draft Picks for the Dallas Cowboys Pick #28


NFL.com DJ Charles Harris Defensive End Missouri Tigers
NFL.com BB Solomon Thomas Defensive End Stanford Cardinal
NFL.com LZ Derek Barnett Defensive End Tennessee Volunteers
NFL.com CR Taco Charlton Defensive End Michigan Wolverines
SI.com Pat Elflein Center/Guard Ohio State Buckeyes
Walter Football Jabrill Peppers Strong Safety/Linebacker Michigan Wolverines
Bleacher Report Desmond King Cornerback Iowa Hawkeyes
Newsday Takkarist McKinley Defensive End UCLA Bruins
Fox Sports Takkarist McKinley Defensive End UCLA Bruins
CBS Sports John Ross Wide Receiver Washington Huskies
Consensus Takkarist McKinley Defensive End UCLA Bruins

Dallas Cowboys Needs

Defensive Line

First and foremost, the Dallas Cowboys need to shore up the defensive line. And, the NFL Draft Board reflects that need. Six of the mock NFL drafts show the Dallas Cowboys selecting a defensive end. However, the 2017 NFL draft drips with outside linebackers/defensive ends with the possibility of up to 13 edge rushers being drafted in the first round


So, the Cowboys could go in a different direction in the first round depending on how to draft progresses. The Cowboys could address another position they need help with, like, cornerback. Desmond King shows up on the Bleacher Report’s mock draft. Cornerback is another position well represented in the first round on the NFL Draft Board with the potential for nine cornerback to go in the first round.

Wide Receiver

Additionally, the Cowboys need to add a wide receiver since Brice Butler and Terrance Williams are both headed to free agency. Now, the Cowboys can keep one, they probably won’t keep both. Therefore, Wide receiver is an option for the Cowboys. Not necessarily with the first pick though.

Linebacker: I like Jabrill Peppers if Available

Linebacker depth could force the Cowboys to look for a linebacker. Only one Linebacker show up on the mock drafts. Walter Football says the Cowboys will pick Jabrill Peppers with the #28 pick. The Cowboys should consider Jabrill Peppers if he is still on the board at pick #28. Peppers versatility provides a lot of worth to his stock as an NFL player. If he doesn’t pan out at linebacker, the Cowboys could recycle him to the Strong Safety position.

Tight End: I like Jake Butt, But not in First Round

Finally, Jason Witten turns 35 in May. Jason’s retirement sits out there in the not too distant future. Although, none of the mock NFL drafts show the Cowboys taking a tight end, they could surprise draft analysts. I think Jake Butt is someone they might like to try to pick up in a later round. Jake Butt is a first round caliber tight end that ended his season with a torn ACL. He’s experience some medical setbacks. But, if he can get on the top side of his injuries a team could chalk up a steal by drafting Jake Butt as a discount.

What about trading up for Myles Garrett

Everyone saw the Myles Garrett pleas to Jerry Jones. Type “Myles Garrett” into YouTube, and currently and Garrett’s plea to Jerry Jones pops up number one in the search. No, not the dozens of Myles Garrett highlight reels, but his plea to Jerry Jones.

Garrett blew it. If Jones even considered packaging Tony Romo and some draft choices Jones could not do it because the Dallas Cowboys don’t need another franchise player. Dallas already has, arguably, three franchise players under contract, Dez Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott, and Dak Prescott.

The Real Reason Dallas will not Trade Up for Garrett

The real reason Dallas will not trade up for Garrett is for the simple reason that there are too many good pass rushers available. Dallas does not need another franchise player.

Note: Dallas’ biggest weapon, the motor that makes everything go, is the offensive line. The warriors in the trenches are the true stars in Dallas. The current trio is a product of the offensive line.

Yes, the defensive line needs help. But,  Dallas has a lot of moving parts. There is a host of defensive ends to chose from in this NFL Draft


Who should the Dallas Cowboys Draft

The answer is actually quite simple. With pick #28, and a team on the rise, the Cowboys can sit and watch the draft develop. If there is a run on edge rusher and all the good ones are gone by pick # 28, Dallas shouldn’t panic. Dallas should take someone like Jabrill Peppers. Or, Maybe an Adoree Jackson falls, or a Cam Robinson.

With pick #28 Dallas can watch the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars of the world scramble for a player they think they desperately need, *Cough* Johnny Manziel *Cough*. The Dallas Cowboys are a solid team in good shape on the rise, not at their peak.

Bottom Line:

The Dallas Cowboys Should Draft the Best Player on the Board

But, if there are still a host of quality players on the board, the Cowboys might trade away their draft to a team in disarray that is desperate for a particular player that is on the board. That is the beauty of having so many wants, but no desperate needs.

Aaron Rodgers was going to be a number one pick at times leading up to the draft. On draft day teams panicked and Rodgers dropped all the way to pick #22.

Remember, at the time, the Green Bay Packers were a perennial playoff team WITH A HALL OF FAME QUATERBACK! And, yet, the Packers drafted a Quarterback. Good on ya, Cheeseheads. How’s that working out for ya?

Jerry, are you listening?

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