Chicago Bears Fire Fox Before Season’s End

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Can the Chicago Bears fire John Fox before season’s end?

The Chicago Bears haven’t fired a head coach during the season ever!

But John Fox will push that theory this year. You’re not convinced John Fox gets fired at all? That is fine to think that way. But how many wins will the bears need to save John Fox’s job?

Remember, the Chicago Bears fired Lovie Smith after going 10-6 in the 2012 season.

Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith Chicago Bears CoachWins comparison

After a 5-11 seasons in Lovie Smith’s first year 2004, the Bears never won less than seven games in a year under Lovie Smith.

The Bears have not won more than six games in a year under John Fox. They haven’t won a total of 10 games yet under John Fox. The Bears went 6-10 in 2015 and 3-13 in 2016.

They fired Lovie Smith after winning 10 games in a single year! Granted, the Bears didn’t make the playoffs that year. And, that is why they fired Smith. But, still, 10 wins in a season is one more than nine wins in two seasons.

And it wasn’t like they crumpled after a 15-1 year. In 2011 the Bears went 8-8, then improved to 10-6 in 2012. And just the year before 2011, in 2010, the Bears won the NFC North with an 11-5 record. And that was with a Hall of Fame quarterback, in the form of Aaron Rodgers, in their division.

The Bears won the NFC North three times during Lovie Smith’s nine years. And haven’t won it since.

Winning percentages

Lovie Smith posted a winning percentage of .563 at the time of his dismissal.

Currently, John Fox posts a .281 winning percentage. Overall, John Fox carries a 9-23 record. For John Fox to bring that winning percentage to .500 in 2017, the Bears need to go 15-1. That isn’t going to happen. And that shouldn’t be expected of a team that went 3-13. But that record provides a basis to work from.

If John Fox goes 10-6 does he keep his job? Probably, but why should he? Lovie Smith got fired after going 10-6.

The Next question you need to ask yourself is, can John Fox win 10 games? Evidently not with Jay Cutler as the quarterback.


Mike Glennon, the Soldier Field savior

So the Bears went out and bought a shiny new toy for John Fox, quarterback Mike Glennon.

Glennon stats

The first number that jumps off the Mike Glennon stat page is a 90.9% completion percentage!

The Bears have hit the jack–wait…Yeah, you know what comes next, on how many passes? Eleven! Mike Glennon threw a total of 11 passes in 2016 during the regular season. OK, so he must’ve had a great 2015? Nope, he didn’t even sniff the field in 2015. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Those are his 2015 stats. Mike Glennon went 0 for 0 in 2015.

Glennon contract

Must’ve been cheap then right? He wasn’t even cheap. The Bears paid Glennon $45 million over three years with $18.5 million guaranteed. The Bears paid Glennon a proven starter salary.

Reviews on the Glennon signing

The good

Glennon’s former head coach, Dirk Koetter, compared Mike Glennon to the NFL MVP Matt Ryan. Great news for the Bears.

But wait, why did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Jameis Winston when they had the next Matty Ice already on the roster? And, Glennon got benched for an aging Josh McCown. Maybe Mike Glennon isn’t he next Matt Ryan.

So that was the good. Now, the bad and the ugly.

The bad

USA Today writer Steven Ruiz claims the Bears signed Mike Glennon out of pure desperation. Where does the desperation come from? Guess, 9-23?

John Fox and GM Ryan Pace are desperate to win in 2017. The duo enters Year 3 of its tenure in Chicago with a record of 9-23. Another losing season would likely be their last.

If they make it through the year.

The ugly

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News compares the Glennon contract to the Brock Osweiler contract.

The Bears outbid themselves for Mike Glennon. They ditched their starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, who would’ve made $16 million, for a Brock Osweiler.

The Bears needed a quarterback and they determined that Mike Glennon was the only one available to them and they weren’t going to miss with him. There were other interested teams, The NY Jets, and perhaps another team or two, but at less than half of what the Bears paid for Glennon.

This years results

So, I think we can chalk up the Bears quarterback position for 2017 as a work in progress at best. And a historical bust in more likely terms.

And worse, the Bears don’t have any proven receivers for Glennon, now that Alshon Jeffery is a Philadelphia Eagle.

The draft should be good though?

The Bears draft

According to Fox Sports the Bears need:

  1. Wide receiver
  2. Offensive tackle
  3. Defensive end
  4. Quarterback
  5. Cornerback

The draft is weak at wide receiver and offensive tackle, but deep at defensive end.

The Bears have the number three pick in the draft and it look like the best player available will be a safety, Jamal Adams.

So, do the Bears draft the best player available? If they weren’t desperate they would. It is hard to tell what the Bears will do. Teams can talk themselves into anything. Even paying Mike Glennon $45 million.

I honestly think the Bears will reach for a player with the third pick that will make people stop talking about what a colossal mistake the Mike Glennon signing was. And start coming up with and over/under for how many games John Fox lasts in 2017.

End Game

John Fox came to the Bears as a winning coach. But it just isn’t working in Chicago.

You really don’t need to look at the Bears 2017 schedule. But if you’re interested, here it is.

And John Fox might survive the year.

Week sixteen the Bears play the Cleveland Browns. Two desperate head coaches, Hue Jackson and John Fox, coaching for their survival.

Whoever loses this game needs to dust off their resume.

More on the Chicago Bears.

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