Chargers 2017 NFL Draft Blows Up

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3 Reasons the Chargers will bust in 2017.

LA Chargers DraftThe Los Angeles Chargers #7 pick will not be what the Chargers need/want. And, it won’t be all their fault. Drafting a player is trickier than signing a free agent. The free agent has NFL film for the team to evaluate. The draft is partly conjecture.

The three reasons the Chargers will bust the 2017 NFL draft

  1. The Chargers signed the wrong free agent.
  2. Seven is a bad draft position in 2017.
  3. Their guy want won’t be there.

1. The Chargers signed the wrong free agent

Chargers bolster their offensive line by signing Russell Okung

Russell_Okung_2016At least Eric D. Williams of ESPN thinks so.

Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers got the upgrade at left tackle they coveted in free agency, but they also said goodbye to an integral part of their running back corps. Read the post here.

Or maybe not

I know I said free agents are less of a risk than drafted player because they have NFL tape. But, the Chargers proved me wrong.

Okung may not be the answer

Okung played for the Broncos last year. And, the Broncos failed to make the playoffs last year after winning the Super Bowl with an aging legend at quarterback, Peyton Manning. According to the Denver Post, Okung failed to meet expectations.

The Broncos offensive line

The Chargers offensive line allowed 2.2 sacks per game in 2016. They ranked 18th in the NFL. They also lost their left tackle King Dunlap. No doubt, the Chargers need to address the offensive line.

The Broncos offensive line allowed 2.5 sacks per game in 2016. And, they ranked 24th in the NFL.

I understand quarterbacks take some of the responsibility for sacks, especially the Broncos last year. But, don’t celebrate signing a lineman off a bad offensive line.

Okung one of the worst

Brad Gagnon, of the Bleacher Report, rails on Okung. And, Okung earned most of the damnation.

  • Graded by Pro Football Focus as the seventh-worst pass-blocker among regular left tackles.
  • Six-year stretch with the Seattle Seahawks in which Okung missed 24 games due to injury.
  • Hasn’t received a positive PFF grade since 2012.
  • League’s most penalized player between 2011 and 2014.

Bottom line on Okung

Okung is not the answer for the LA Chargers at left tackle. Worse yet, the 2017 NFL draft is weak on offensive linemen.

2. Seven is a bad position in the 2017 NFL Draft

There are five game changing players in the 2017 NFL draft

The best options I see are:

  1. Myles Garrett
  2. Jamal Adams
  3. Marshon Lattimore

The potentials are:

  1. Solomon Thomas
  2. Malik Hooker

The Chargers draft

The Chargers needs are offensive lineman (still), wide receiver, and defensive end, according to UPI.

In the top six picks, one team might screw up and draft Mitch Trubisky. But I don’t see another one making a mistake. That leaves the Chargers on the outside looking in. One shy of getting an impact player.

3. Chargers guy will be off the board

According to the NFL draft board, the Chargers would like to get Malik Hooker. They aren’t going to get
Malik Hooker. After Hooker there is a slight drop off in talent. And the Chargers will spend 15 minutes on draft day looking for a plan B.

Either the Cleveland Browns, or New York Jets, will draft Trubisky.

Although I contend the Jacksonville Jaguars should consider drafting Trubisky. Or, at least float the rumor.

Either way, it looks like Trubisky could go in the first six picks.

If cooler heads prevail This is how the draft could go down.

  1. Garrett, or Trubisky
  2. Thomas, or Garrett
  3. Adams
  4. Fournette (not a smart pick), Trubisky, Lattimore, Hooker, or Garrett
  5. Lattimore or Hooker
  6. Trubisky, Lattimore, or Hooker

More problems with the draft

  1. Trubisky isn’t a first round pick.
  2. Fournette isn’t a top ten pick.

The Chargers could be left with Jonathan Allen? Mike Williams? Corey Davis? No draft choice

The first pick of the 2017 NFL draft won’t be kind to the LA Chargers.

Chargers get worse in 2017

It is hard to see any other outcome for the Chargers in 2017. But at least they are in the lead for the 2018 NFL sweepstakes called Sam Darnold.

The Chargers Story.

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