Bears Draft a Bust after First Round

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Bears draft already a bust

The Chicago Bears draft is already a bust. And it’s only been one round of the draft. In the halls of someone said, “At least we’re not Bears fans.” That about sums up the Bears first round.

It’s sad when what Bears fans are looking forward to most is getting the number one overall pick in the 2018 draft. And drafting USC quarterback Sam Darnold.

But as a consolation, at least current Chicago Bears GM, Ryan Pace, won’t be making the pick.

Bears and Niners draft day trade details.

Niners got #3 pick in 2017, a 2nd (pick 67) and 3rd (pick 111) in 2017, and a 3rd in 2018.

Bears got #2 pick in 2017. That’s it. Es todo. Nada mas.

That in, and of itself, is a little lopsided. But the quarterback position is the most important position on the field. So, paying a premium for a quarterback is understandable. Right?

Bears and Niners draft day trade results


The Bears got a second round talent, UNC quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. A quarterback that shows potential. But only potential. And a nice year at UNC.

To a man, just about every analyst says that Trubisky is a second round talent, a late first round pick at best.

So, the Bears moved up from three to two. And gave away extra picks, to get a second round talent.

And it gets worse.


The Niners listed Texas A&M, defensive end, Myles Garrett number one. Stanford defensive end, Solomon Thomas number two. And Alabama linebacker, Reuben Foster number three.

The Browns took Garrett at one. Then, the Niners dropped one position on the draft board and got Solomon Thomas without giving up a thing.

Then the Niners packaged one of the Bears picks to move back into the first round to get their number two player, Foster.

Advantage Niners.

Quarterback in the pocket

If a quarterback gets sacked a couple times at the beginning of a game, he might get jumpy. He might panic in the pocket.

If a GM and coach get pasted in their first two years, they might get jumpy. They might suffer quarterback panic.

Bears went 6-10 in 2015. And then hit rock bottom in 2016 at 3-13. The last time the Bears lost 13 games was in 1969. Pace and Fox determined that Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, was the problem. And needed to go.

So, the Bears went out and signed a quarterback, Mike Glennon, that didn’t play in 2015 and played in two games in 2016.

GM on the hot seat

According to ESPN’s Booger McFarland, Bears GM, Ryan Pace, just started his clock. Pace tied himself at the hip to Trubisky. If Trubisky busts, Pace is calling a realtor.

And after going 6-10 and 3-13, Pace, and Fox, need wins now. The fan base has had it with losing. The Blackhawks are a perennial playoff team. The Bulls made the playoffs. And the Cubs are the World Series champions. Who needs the Bears.

But, Trubisky isn’t even expected to play in 2017. Now, Trubisky might turn into a Hall of Famer, but Pace won’t be around to see it if the Bears tank in 2017.

Always take the best player available

With pick three, the Bears sat in a very comfortable position. LSU safety, Jamal Adams was the best player in the draft. And the Bears could’ve had Adams.

The Browns were going to take Garrett, the best athlete in the draft, or possibly Trubisky.

The Niners were almost certain to take Solomon Thomas. The NFL Draft Board had 58% of the mock drafts sending Solomon Thomas to the Niners. That left the best player in the draft, Jamal Adams, available for the Bears.

Even if the Niners took Adams, the Bears could’ve taken Thomas.

Fix your personnel holes as best you can with free agency. The use the draft to supplement your roster by taking the best player available. The rookie salary is capped because the chances of a bust are so high. If you’re depending on a 13 start rookie quarterback to save your job. You got problems.

Decade player

ESPN’s Mike Golic said, when drafting a quarterback, you don’t worry about this year, “you draft a quarterback for a decade.”

Well, you watch Jamal Adams. Adams will anchor a defensive backfield for a decade. And go to six Pro Bowls.

What are the odds that Trubisky is still in the league in ten years? 80-20, 70-30, 50-50?

The art of the deal

John Lynch San Francisco 49ers General Manager
John Lynch San Francisco 49ers General Manager

The San Francisco 49ers GM, John Lynch, on the other hand showed he mastered the art of the deal. As matter of fact, Trump might want to hire Lynch to negotiate with North Korea.

Several NFL commentators thought NFL Hall of Famer turned GM, John Lynch, was in over his head. “He’s in over his head.” “What are his qualifications?” “He wasn’t even a scout.”

Yeah, well, evidently you don’t have to be a scout to be a GM. As a matter of fact, it appears that scouts turned GM can develop target fixation. At least that is the lesson Pace taught us on the first night of the draft.

Not only did John Lynch get Solomon. But they also got their number three player, Foster. The Niners gave their #34 pick and the #111 pick they got from the Bears to the Seahawks for their #31 pick.

That is a quality trade

The Niners snuck in just under the New Orleans Saints to steal Foster. Reuben Foster was on the phone with the Saints who were telling him they were going to draft him with the 32nd pick. That is when Lynch called to tell Foster the Niners just drafted Foster with the 31st pick. 

Trade results in John Fox and Ryan Pace’s firing

The most important game on the Bears schedule is week 16 against the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns are coming off a 1-15 season. And Brown’s Coach Hue Jackson could be in trouble also. But after last night, it looks like the Browns might put a decent season together with picks Myles Garrett, and Michigan safety, Jabrill Peppers.

However, John Fox, and Ryan Pace, get fired before next year’s draft. Fox might be the first Bears head coach to be fired during the season since the merger.

Let’s just hope it isn’t 108 years until the Bears win a Super Bowl.

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