Arden Key: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

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Arden Key

School Page:

Position: Defensive End

College: LSU

Height: 6-6

Weight: 238


  • 2015: Freshman All-American, All-SEC Freshman Team
  • 2016: Second Team All-SEC

NFL Draft Board Analysis:

Highest pick on the NFL Draft Board:

At this early juncture in the 2018 NFL draft process, has Arden Key going to the Detroit Lions with pick #3. Arden Key has the body (6-6 238) to warrant a top five draft pick. He still needs to put up some college numbers during this third year at LSU. Also, before an NFL team drafts Key, they will ask Key about his absence from football in February 2017.

Most likely destination from the NFL Draft Board:

Yes, Arden shows promise at this early stage to go in the top five picks of the 2018 NFL draft, absence aside. What is curious about Walter Football’s destination for Key is that he is going to the Detroit Lions? Do the Lions go from playoff team to third worst? Or, is there a trade out there?

Comparative position ranking on the NFL Draft Board:

Arden Key is the Myles Garrett of the 2018 draft. Right now there isn’t anyone to measure up to Key. Garrett is an inch shorter and has thirty pound on Key at the moment. Let’s see how Key show up in the fall and see how the season plays out. Key could be on par with Garrett.



  • Started 9 games as a freshman in 2015.
  • Although the season is months away, this article has already been written. LSU needs to start thinking about moving on without Arden Key. This is early. And, Key could be back in school tomorrow. But, the fact that this article exists puts a strain on his draft status.
  • At 6-6 can dominate one side of the defensive line.
  • Has speed, but change of direction could be quicker. His forward lean requires a step to gather himself before changing direction. First step could be faster. Pads get high. A double team can wall him.
  • A born football player. Seems to enjoy every bit of playing football. Doesn’t quit on a play. Plays to the whistle. Nice to see. That is a quality an NFL team can work with. Key has the physical traits. If he is willing to work and willing to learn, Key could be something special in the NFL.
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