5 Options for the Browns Number One Pick

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5 Options for the Browns #1 Pick in 2017 NFL Draft

  1. Panic and draft Mitch Trubisky
  2. Trade down to 2-5 and draft Trubisky
  3. Trade down to 6 or lower
  4. Patriots Trade
  5. Draft Myles Garrett

Usually the first pick in the draft is a GM’s nightmare. Basically, you’ve jacked up the team so bad, you’re drafting number one. And, you’ve got one pick, one player out of 22, that needs to turn the entire team around. Otherwise, you’re schlepping for a job at NFL.com, or ESPN,  as an “analyst.” A failed NFL GM, but an analyst now.

Harsh Reality

Every year the NFL Hall of Fame inducts about five more players, sometimes coaches, into the Hall of Fame. If you’re number one overall draft choice doesn’t make the Hall of Fame, he didn’t belong in the top five of the draft? Yes, that is a high bar. But we are talking about what the GM considers the very best player in college. Granted, draft talent varies from year to year.

Number 1 Overall Busts

I won’t use the Hall of Fame bar. But the idea should be considered when analyzing this list of number 1 busts looking at the years from 1998-2012.


Year Player Result
2012 Andrew Luck TBD
2011 Cam Newton Mild Success/TBD
2010 Sam Bradford Bust
2009 Matthew Stafford Mild Success
2008 Jake Long Mild Success
2007 JeMarcus Russell Complete Bust
2006 Mario Williams Mild Success
2005 Alex Smith Mild Bust
2004 Eli Manning Mild Success
2003 Carson Palmer Mild Success
2002 David Carr Bust
2001 Michael Vick Mild Success
2000 Courtney Brown Bust
1999 Tim Couch Bust
1998 Peyton Manning Success

Looking at the number one picks up close and personal shows the amount of pressure GMs are under when drafting number one overall. Outside of Peyton Manning, no other player jumps off the page as a Hall of Fame lock.

The 49ers Panic

In 2005 the Niners panicked and picked Alex Smith over Future Hall of Famer, Aaron Rodgers. If your 22 pick quarterback busts, that is more tolerable than your number one overall pick quarterback bust. I don’t need to mention JeMarcus Russell or Tim Couch.

Option 1. Panic and Draft Mitch Trubisky.

Oh yes, Tim Couch. The name should sting a little for the Browns fans. The Browns drafted Tim couch with their very first pick after regenerating in Cleveland.

Could Mitch Trubisky be the next Tim Couch?

Funny, thing. Hue Jackson isn’t a believer in Mitch Trubisky at number one. And, yes, Jackson is on the hot seat. If Cleveland blows this draft Jackson could become an “analyst.”

Oh, and Hue, go ahead and use the word “pressure.” Because it’s coming down on you.

This Could be Sour Grapes on ESPN’s Behalf

I’ve been saying for a while that Myles Garrett will be a mild disappointment.

But ever since Myles Garrett balked at appearing on Mike and Mike, ESPN found that there were “holes in Garrett’s game.

There has always been holes in Garrett’s game and ESPN noted them. It is just now that ESPN has decided to push them. Sour grapes.

Is ESPN pushing the, “Mitch at one,” talk? Who knows.

2. Mitch at pick 2-5.

Jets 2017 DraftI’ve discussed the pressures of picking number one. Maybe it is best just to get out of it. The Browns could trade out of one, and let some other team draft Garrett. That takes the pressure out of drafting number one overall.

But if the Browns still want the Trubisky, they need to get a pick between 2-5.

The Jets look like they could take Trubisky at six. Although the 2017 NFL Draft Board shows the Jets taking Lattimore, he should be drafted the pick just before to the Tennessee Titans.

Two Problems

49ers 2017 DraftOne, the Browns need to get a trade partner. Two, San Francisco 49ers might draft Trubisky at two.


3. Trade to pick 6 or Lower

The one thing you can bet on is that a 1-15 teams are always more than just one player away from winning a Super Bowl.

Trading down opens some nice options for the Browns depending on the number of picks they get in return.

Need an edge rusher? Draft Derek Barnett.

Need a quarterback? Draft Davis Webb.

Then the Browns might get a Budda Baker and a Cooper Kupp too, or picks for next year. That alone would make a nice draft.

4. Patriots Trade

For all we know, the Patriots still have an offer on the table for the Browns number one pick.

But never trade with a team that is better. The Patriots are reloading while the Browns scrambling for ammunition. They are trading from a position of strength, and you, from desperation. The Patriots don’t need what The Browns have. They only want it. Meanwhile, you need what they got.

No, trading with the Patriots is not a great option for the Browns. The Patriots will sit on their offer until the Browns cave. The Patriots have what they need, they’d just like to add Garrett to their stable.

5. Draft Garrett

The cleanest option for the Browns is to draft the best player in the draft, Myles Garrett.

What about Quarterback?

Todd McShay doesn’t have a quarterback in the first round. It is highly doubtful that a decade from now, analysts will be calling the 2017 draft, the Year of the Quarterback. If a slew of quarterbacks get drafted in the first round, let the Jets, Bills, Cardinals et al, make the mistake. Draft Webb in the second or third round and call it good.

What to Look For

If the Browns trade, they have to be very careful.

If they draft Trubisky with the number one pick, are they drafting another Tim Couch?

Drafting Garrett might not be a guarantee. but he is the best player on the board. And no one can knock the pick, even with the pressure of the number one pick overall.

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