4 Busts in 1st 4 Picks of 2017 Draft

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The 2017 NFL draft has 4 potential busts in 1st 4 picks

It is vital we look at all the potential outcomes when talking about the very top of the NFL draft. Although this may seem excessive, and probably won’t play out. NFL GMs want to know who is this year’s JeMarcus Russell.

4. Myles Garrett fails to win a Super Bowl for the Cleveland Browns

Texas A&M edge rusher, Myles Garrett, is a sure thing. Everyone has said it. And so was JeMarcus Russell. 

But Myles Garrett gives an indication that there needs to be some further examination on his potential.

From NFL.com:

Never played in more than 70 percent of the defensive snaps in any of his three seasons at Texas A&M. Scouts are convinced he took plays off to protect his health this season.

The Jadeveon Clowney comparison

The first name that comes to mind when discussing mailing in their final college season is Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney disappointed his first two year and lived up to some of his potential in the third.

Some people point to Clowney as the reason they believe Garrett will perform in the NFL.

2018 is the last year of Jadeveon Clowney’s Contract

Here is a question though. Does Clowney’s performance get better as he approaches free agency? So, the Houston Texans got two years of bust, one year of beast, and who knows what next. Granted, Clowney was injured. But being injured doesn’t equal sacks. 

So, will Garrett perform only in his contract year? Is there a trend that top draft choices mail in their last college year, and the first couple years of their NFL careers. 

I consider Clowney a mild disappointment and think Garrett will follow in his footsteps.

The Jerry Jones video

Another question about Myles Garrett’s motivation is, where’s his heart at?

In one of the most stunning displays of manipulating the draft since Eli Manning, Garrett made an open plea to Jerry Jones to draft him.Garrett said it was only a joke. But this wasn’t a slip of the tongue. This was thought out and posted.

Doesn’t take criticism well

Just before Myles Garrett was supposed to appear on the Mike and Mike show, former NFL defensive lineman, Booger McFarland, challenged Garrett’s physicality.

After that, Garrett declined to show up on the show. Instead of defending his body of work, he balked.

Ironically, shortly after that, ESPN started to highlight the fact that the Browns might want UNC quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, instead of Myles Garrett.

Myles Garrett bust potential

There is a probability Myles Garrett is a mild disappointment. And a small probability that Myles Garrett is a bust. But a chance nonetheless.

3. Browns draft Mitch Trubisky #1 overall

Bust number 3.

It is all over Twitter. Fans are about to revolt if Trubisky is drafted over Garrett.

So, how did Trubisky, a second round talent, end up being the number one overall pick? GMs on the hot seat panic. That is how.

The facts are, Mitch Trubisky only started one year at UNC. How could a number one overall draft pick sit his first two years at UNC? It isn’t like UNC is producing first round quarterback after first round quarterback. Point guard, yes. Quarterback, no.

He grades out as a second round draft choice. And yet, the Cleveland Browns are talking about making him the number one overall draft choice. Oh, it might be trade bait. But they are talking about taking a second round talent with the number one overall pick. 

The Mitch Trubisky bust timeline

There is going to be a learning curve. The Browns fail to show the promise that is expected.  Hue Jackson gets fired. The new management team drafts Sam Darnold. And Trubisky gets jettisoned.

2. What position does Solomon Thomas play

San Francisco 49ers #2 Pick in 2017 NFL DraftI grant you, Solomon Thomas is a solid college football player. But what is he going to play in the NFL?

I was on Twitter the other day and someone referred to Thomas as an edge rusher. 

I Thought Solomon Thomas was an interior defensive lineman

Thankfully, someone backed me up on Thomas’ position

He might be a little short to be an elite edge rusher, 6-3, and just a little slow for 6-3.

I thought he would play interior line, 3-technique. But he is a little light at 273.

What will the San Francisco do with Solomon Thomas

San Francisco 49ers #2 Pick in 2017 NFL DraftHe’s too light to play the 3. To short, and slow, for the 9. Maybe 5-7. But he will need a lot of athletic ability, which he has, and some bulk, which he can add, to perform.

There is a good probability Thomas gets lost in between positions in the NFL.

1. Leonard Fournette, the second coming of Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson NFL Bust
Is Leonard Fournette the next Trent Richardson

Leonard is an old fashioned powerback. Unfortunately, the 46 defense started the decay of the powerback.

A multipurpose back works so much better in today’s NFL than a powerback.

Would you rather draft Matt Forte, or Trent Richardson?

Jacksonville Jaguars #4 Pick of the 2017 NFL Draft
Jacksonville Jaguars #4 Pick of the 2017 NFL Draft

Matt Forte, a second round multipurpose back, gained 6000, rushing and receiving, yards from scrimmage in his first four years in the NFL. Trent Richardson, number one overall powerback, gained 3000, rushing and receiving, yards his first four years in the NFL.

A powerback doesn’t last as long with the weekly pounding he takes. And Fournette has already been bitten by the injury bug.

Either way, it looks like the Jacksonville Jaguars might consider taking Fournette with the number four pick of the draft.

Most bust potential

Leonard Fournette carrys the heaviest load as the most likely to bust. But Myles Garrett could be a colossal bust with the hype that surrounds him. Mitch Trubisky is under the most pressure. And Solomon Thomas is out of place.

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