2017 NFL Draft Top 5 Surprises

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Mitch Trubisky could create up to 5 surprises in the NFL Draft

There are moments in every draft where Whisky Tango Fox falls out of just about everyone’s mouth involuntarily. Why should the 2017 NFL draft be any different. 

Marino and O’Brien

In 1983, with Pitt quarterback, Dan Marino, still on the board, the New York Jets Drafted DII UC Davis quarterback, Ken O’Brien.

A must watch for understanding draft drama.

Rodgers and Smith

In 2005, The San Francisco 49ers committed a similar draft day blunder picking Utah quarterback, Alex Smith, with Cal quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, on the board.

Colossal Draft Busts

Ken O’Brien vs. Dan Marino

Ken O’Brien wasn’t even a draft bust. O’Brien might have been a mild disappointment. But, O’Brien made the Pro-Bowl twice and posted a 96.4 quarterback rating his second year.

However, when you compare Ken O’Brien to what was on the board, Dan Marino, the story changes. Compared to Marino, O’Brien was a colossal bust.

LSU quarterback, JeMarcus Russell

JeMarcus Russell impressed John Clayton at the combine and the Oakland Raiders took the bait.

By year three, the Oakland Raiders only played Russell in four games. Russell hasn’t played in the NFL since.

Other busts

Of course, there are numerous other busts, Trent Richardson, Tim Couch etc.

1. The Browns pass on Garrett

Browns #1 Pick 2017 NFL Draft
Browns #1 Pick 2017 NFL Draft

Nothing is a sure thing, but Texas A&M edge rusher, Myles Garrett, comes pretty close. At the moment, Garrett shows up on 97% of the first picks of the 2017 NFL Draft. That many people can’t be that wrong.


Quarterback seems to be a hard position to draft well. Drafting number one is a challenge also. There is a lot of pressure on the team to win. Coaches are usually on the hot seat. And the number one pick is looked to as the team’s savior.

Garrett might not be the Cleveland Browns savior. But he is a better pick than a second round talent that plays quarterback.

2. Cleveland Browns draft Mitch Trubisky #1

The name that has been floating around as a replacement for Myles Garrett is UNC quarterback, Mitch Trubisky.

That’s just crazy talk.

Okay, that might be a little much. But, you get the point.

Trubisky drafted number one might not be a surprise because draft analysts are talking about it. But it generates a Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

But the Browns drafted Kentucky’s Tim Couch, when they regenerated in 1998. So they’ve shown the capacity to draft a basketball school quarterback before…that busted.

3. The Trubisky draft train

Trubisky is a second round talent. A one year starter at UNC. And yet the Browns are talking about drafting him number one overall. But they aren’t the only ones that might draft Trubisky in the first round. 

Will Brian Hoyer be the answer for the Niners

Trubisky could also go number two overall. The San Francisco 49ers don’t have a long term solution at quarterback. The Niners signed Brian Hoyer during free agency. But if he was a franchise quarterback why hasn’t he stuck with five other teams he’s played with.

But most likely the Niners will work with just Hoyer for this year. The Niner will go after a quarterback in the deep quarterback class of 2018. Or  the 49ers could go after Kirk Cousins in 2018.

Browns must Draft Trubisky early

The Browns are talking about drafting Trubisky number one overall because of the New York Jets.

The Jets are going into the 2017 season with a 37 year old Josh McCown. Josh McCown played very well for the Bears a couple years back. But at 37, is McCown really a franchise quarterback?

The Browns probably wanted initially to take Trubisky with the 33rd pick of the draft. The first one of the second round.

But Trubisky kept moving up the draft to the point it looked like the NY Jets wanted Trubisky at six.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars draft Mitch Trubisky at 4

Moving along with the Trubisky draft train, why wouldn’t the Jaguars draft Trubisky at four?

Blake Bortles isn’t working out. He provides more points for the other team. So why not Trubisky at four?

It isn’t like the Jaguars would lose anything by drafting Trubisky. Right now, it looks like the Jaguars are drafting the second coming of Trent Richardson, in Leonard Fournette.

It is better to take a second round talent in the first round, than an outdated position player.

5. No quarterbacks in the 1st round

The biggest surprise I could think of is if all the teams held their ground and passed on quarterbacks until the second round.

Most analysts consider Trubisky the best quarterback talent in the draft. Although, they consider him a second round talent.

But there are too many teams that need a quarterback for Trubisky to slip to the second round. Read how Trubisky could become the number one overall pick.

The biggest draft surprise

Trubisky at one. Or Trubisky at 33. Either one could be a surprise.

In fact I just saw a mock draft today that had Trubisky going to the Bears at 3.

There are thousands of combinations with players to teams. But, the biggest surprise is the one no one see coming.

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