Billy Price: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

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Billy Price: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

Ohio State offensive guard Billy Price shows up on the NFL Draft Board. Price appears most recently on the recent DraftSite 2018 NFL mock draft. DraftSite has Billy Price going to the Atlanta Falcons with pick number 31.

Ohio State FootballCollege: Ohio State

Position: Offensive Guard/Center

Height: 6-4

Weight: 312


Billy Price high school

Price came out of high school as a highly recruited Defensive Tackle and Offensive Guard. He was rated as high as the number 17 Defensive Tackle in the nation by 247Sports. His move to Offensive Line paid off. He came out of high school as a top 200 player (Rivals). And now Price is a top 100 NFL draft prospect on the NFL Draft Board.

Billy Price Ohio State

Although some mock drafts list Price as a Guard, he moved to Center in 2017 for his senior year. Pat Elfein made the same move for Ohio State from Guard to Center in 2015-2016. The move worked out for Pat Elfein. The Minnesota Vikings drafted Elfein in the third round with the 70th pick. Oddly enough, Price is currently ranked as the 75th player on the NFL Draft Board. So, Price could be drafted in a very similar position as his predecessor, Pat Elfein.

Elfein is the current starting Center for the Minnesota Vikings.

Price made All-Big 10 third team (coaches) as a sophomore in 2015. In 2016 he made first team All-Big 10 (multiple sources) as a junior.

Billy Price NFL prospects

Billy Price is ranked as the number 75 player overall on the NFL Draft Board. Price is the number three Center/Guard on the NFL Draft Board.

Not many Centers/Guards are showing up in the first round of 2018 NFL mock Drafts. The latest trends in NFL mock Drafts go to Offensive Tackles over Guards and Centers.

Seventy-five puts Price somewhere in the third round. But he is rated on the high end of the Center/Guard position at number three. If there is any kind of run on Center/Guards, Price could be snatched up sooner. But I don’t see Price going higher than the second round.

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Lorenzo Carter: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect

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Lorenzo Carter: 2018 NFL draft prospect

Lorenzo Carter showed up on the NFL Draft Board. He appeared on Julio’s Fueled by Sports 2018 NFL mock draft. Julio’s 29 September mock draft has Carter going to the Miami Dolphins with the 21st pick.

Georgia Bulldog Football

School: Georgia

Position: OLB/DE

Height: 6-6

Weight: 242


Lorenzo Carter: high school

Carter came out of Norcross in 2014. According to 247Sports Carter was the #18 recruit overall, and the #2 OLB. Army All-American Bowl offered Carter an invite.

With these numbers it is somewhat surprising that Carter didn’t leave for the NFL sooner.

Lorenzo Carter: Georgia

Carter is playing his senior season for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2017. And, it seems to have paid off. Carter didn’t start the season on the NFL Draft Board. But the combination of Georgia winning and Carter returning to his sensational freshman season when he earned the Georgia Newcomer of the Year Award.

Carter’s suffered a sophomore slump. He totaled only 19 tackles compared to 41 during his freshman season. But Carter came back his junior year with 44 tackles.

The Georgia Bulldogs are playing well so far in 2017. Beating Notre Dame in South Bend put Georgia on the map. And, it propelled Lorenzo Carter onto the NFL Draft Board.

Bypassing the 2017 NFL draft

Lorenzo Carter could performed well enough his junior year to opt for the NFL draft. But Carter bypassed the draft to “have another chance to put the ‘G’ on and to have the chance to graduate.”

He is content with his decision to play his senior year. And it seems to have paid off. The 2017 NFL draft was heavy in the OLB/DE position. NFL teams drafted seven OLB/DEs in the first round. So far, only five OLB/DEs appear in the top 32 on the NFL Draft Board.

Statistics don’t lie

If an NFL team plays a little moneyball and goes on statistics Lorenzo Carter could be the top drafted rusher.

On the horizon for Lorenzo Carter

NFL teams will dig deep into Carter’s game film like they do for everyone. Like, why the sophomore slump? The game to watch will be the SEC championship game.

Georgia should be playing Alabama for the SEC championship. Alabama doesn’t have a Cam Robinson this year for Carter to go up against. But this should be the biggest test for the Georgia defense for the year. And everyone will be watching. Does Carter end on a high note.

2018 NFL draft

Lorenzo Carter will leave Georgia with a degree from a quality institution. And improve his 2018 NFL draft status. A good decision that will pay dividends now and later.

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Ezekiel Elliott: Quitter or Not

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Ezekiel Elliott: Quitter

Everyone has a breaking point. The question is, where is your breaking point? Can we call Ezekiel Elliott, “quitter”?

Ezekiel Elliott quitter footage

This footage clearly shows Ezekiel Elliott could have easily peeled back and become part of the play.

True character is displayed when tired, stressed, or frustrated

Ezekiel Elliott quit, but claims he was frustrated when he quit on the play. But to be a “warrior” you can never quit.

Ezekiel Elliott is not a warrior

To be a warrior, you must have a switch that cannot be turned off.

The people who come out the backside of BUD/S Hell Week are warriors.

Military academies and the Navy SEALS don’t recruit “the best,” contrary to popular belief. The military elite recruit horses.

Why is BUD/S Hell Week only five and half days? Because at the end of five and a half days the Navy has eliminated the mules

Mules will stop going when they are exhausted, and their master cannot coax them any further–stubborn as a mule. Horses on the other hand will run until they die. There is no quit in a horse. The survivors of five and a half days will also run themselves to death.

As for military academies, many candidates endure four years of tyranny because the thought of quitting is so abhorrent they could never bring themselves to consider it. 

Ezekiel Elliott quitter

Ezekiel Elliott said that the video didn’t show who he really was. And that he was only frustrated. But your true character comes out when you think noone is watching, Or when you’re tired, exhausted, or frustrated.

Ezekiel Elliott quitter forever

This play will never leave the minds of some teammates. As a “superstar” of the team, and a “leader”, Elliott needs to pour in more effort on every play than everyone else. The offensive line can never quit. If an offensive lineman quits on a play, it shows up right away. And that offensive lineman is never seen again. These offensive linemen never play on Sundays.

Quitting on a play like this is like cheating on your wife. You may never fail again. But the stain will forever be there.

Offensive linemen who are sacrificing their bodies for his glory will never forget this play.

Never quit players

Jim Brown never quit on a play. And that is what he saw in Walter Payton. Walter Payton never quit on a play. And Jim Brown admired that.

One player that took never quitting to an extreme was Dick Butkus. With second left and down my two scores Dick Butkus once called a timeout. Why? “Because I had to his that tight end one more time.”

A mindset

To make it to the NFL is exceedingly difficult. For the majority of players the only reason they are there is because they won’t quit on a play. The elite college players that are considered for the NFL are so numerous that many times the difference between who makes it or not, is who won’t quit.

Ezekiel Elliott’s statement

What Ezekiel Elliott is saying with this play is, “I’m that good at what I do, run the ball, that nothing else I do matters.”

What the other players are hearing is, “At the end of the day, I don’t care enough to put everything I have on the line.”


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Mitch Trubisky, Did the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers Lose in the Draft to the Chicago Bears

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Did the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers Lose Mitch Trubisky to the Chicago Bears?

It’s early. Cool your jets. Don’t book your Super Bowl travel yet Chicago Bears fans. But after the first preseason week, it looks like the Chicago Bears knew what they were doing when they “stole” Mitch Trubisky from the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers.

Don’t lie, you didn’t see this coming. I sure didn’t. I predicted John Fox and Ryan Pace would be fired.

Wait one minute

Here’s a question: What what UNC head coach Larry Fedora thinking by not starting Trubisky earlier? What did Fedora see in Marquise Williams that prompted Fedora start Williams over Trubisky?

I was wrong, Fox doesn’t need to be fired. Fedora does.

Hot rookie quarterback statline preseason week 1


Player Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate
Trubisky 18 25 72 166 1 0 103.1
Mahomes 7 9 77.8 49 1 0 126.4
Watson 15 25 60 179 0 0 81.9
Kizer 11 18 61.1 184 1 0 114.1


For comparison, Matt Ryan had a league high 83.1 QBR in 2016. Yes, these guys are good.

But they weren’t facing number one defenses, or the most complex defenses in the NFL arsenal.

However, for now they look promising.

Watch the tape and see the rest of the story. Trubisky looks sensational to Bears fans who are starving for a franchise quarterback.

While the other rookie quarterbacks look impressive, Trubisky undoubtedly looks like the best quarterback of the draft so far. Relax Bear fans, that is so far.

The Cleveland Browns Mitch Trubisky flirtation

The Cleveland Browns played ESPN and the Chicago Bears.

It was almost comical how the top three ESPN NFL draft analysts got played by the Cleveland Browns. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Adam Schefter all did the Cleveland Browns bidding by spreading rumors, started by the Browns that they were going to take Trubisky with the number one pick.

Was Kizer the Browns guy all along

You don’t float these rumors to insiders unless you know you’re not going to take Trubisky. Was Notre Dame quarterback, Deshone Kizer, the Browns guy all along? Of course there are rumors to that effect.

By floating these rumors (Browns drafting Trubisky number one), you send teams, like the Chicago Bears, into a panic.

Most people thought the Bears panicked when they traded up to take Trubisky (a second round talent according to ESPN insiders).

That brings us to the 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers draft coup or whiff

The San Francisco 49ers capitalized on the Browns rumor. They drafted the guy they wanted with the number two pick, Solomon Thomas, with the third pick. And got some draft choices from the Bears for their number two pick.

Problem is, the 49er still don’t have a long term solution at quarterback. Should they have taken Trubisky with the number two pick? Only time will tell.


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Jay Cutler, Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins

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Jay Cutler, Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins

Jay Cutler, Adam Gase and the Miami Dolphins have gone to Vegas and spun the wheel. And it looks like the only one who could lose is Miami’s injured quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Jay Cutler has nothing to lose


Jay Cutler has nothing to lose. His income this year just went up about $9.5 million. He is reportedly going to make up to $10 million with the Dolphins this year ($7 in base and $3 in incentives). Meanwhile, the numbers that have been floated about his contract with Fox Sports as a color commentator was less than a half million.

Even if Jay Cutler is unceremoniously booted from Miami, he will probably step back into the booth next year for about the same amount of money as he was projected to make with Fox Sports this year.

On the other hand. if Jay Cutler and Adam Gase catch lightning in a bottle, and win ten games or more, beat New England at least once, and win a playoff game, Jay Cutler could make over $20 million in 2018.

Adam Gase has nothing to lose

Adam Gase has nothing to lose.

When a head coaches franchise quarterback goes down, the entire organization and city immediately starts looking to next year. The coach is given a mulligan in most cases.

If Cutler and Gase can wrack up a half dozen wins, Miami will blame the lost season on starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill’s injury, not Gase.

But, if Gase and Cutler have a successful season, Gase becomes the quarterback whisperer of 2017, and gets some more slack.

The Miami Dolphins have nothing to lose

The Miami Dolphins have probably started looking at 2018-2020 as their next best opportunity to put a winning team together. Their hope is that Jay Cutler can win at least a half dozen games and not embarrass the franchise.

But losing a dozen games or more could work in Miami’s best interest.

With that the fans can hopefully see a bright future with a shiny new first round quarterback from the 2018 NFL draft. The 2018 NFL draft promises to be loaded with pro ready franchise quarterbacks. Having a bad 2017 season wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the Miami Dolphins.

Ryan Tannehill does have something to lose

Ryan Tannehill’s injury came at a very poor time. Contract wise, he is up against it.

Bottom line: Tannehill will lose money, or be dumped.

The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league. And Tannehill, by the end of the year will have spent the last 19 games injured for the Miami Dolphins. That is not the best way to justify your contract.

And with the number of top quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL draft, Ryan Tannehill will essentially become fish wrap. Oh, he’ll be a nice backup at some team for a 2018 rookie, but that is about it.

Ryan Tannehill’s cap hit for 2018 is about $19 million.

Meanwhile, take a look at Myles Garrett’s cap hit for 2018, about $7 million.

Garrett was the number one pick in the 2017 NFL draft. If Miami tanked, took a quarterback with the number one 2018 NFL draft pick, they’d have a bargain at quarterback of about roughly $7.4 million. You have to take into account the dead cap price of Tannehill’s contract of $4.6 million. 19 minus 7 minus 4.6 gives you a $7.4 million savings.

Fickle fate benefits the Miami Dolphins

The quarterback class of the 2018 NFL draft is the key to the Ryan Tannehill and Miami Dolphins future

If the Dolphins win with Jay Cutler, good for the Dolphins, and Adam Gase, and Jay Cutler.

If the Dolphins lose, good for Jay Cutler, he walks away with $6.5 million more than he expected to make in 2017. Gase and the Dolphins win, they gets a shiny new rookie quarterback. Tannehill loses. His contract gets cut and he is a placeholder for the shiny new quarterback.


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